April 5-6, 2018

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June 20-21, 2018

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Welcome to our Exclusive Event Series on Innovations in Serialization presented by the most advanced Industry Leaders and Pharmaceutical Experts

It could be argued that the most disruptive technologies are perhaps the ones we never expected and couldn’t imagine.  Day to day, we tend to focus on how technology will advance, but not on how that new technology will alter the way we conduct business in more fundamental ways.

We take a strategic and long-term approach to advances in technology, developing research using both a worldwide network of partners and professionals to identify and analyze trends and their impact on industries as they evolve.

Join us for this informative conference series as we change the way you view Serialization and Traceability Technology in the Pharmaceutical Industry!

A Unique Series of Conferences Dedicated to Innovation and Technology

What are the experts saying

Franck GORON
Senior Digital Advisor, Microsoft

Serialization is a new frontier for the Pharma Industry where data security will be key. Blockchain technology and cloud architecture will be must-haves for serialization data owners all along the supply chain.

Sr. Manager Project Development – Life Science, at Siemens

Serialization will dramatically change the way pharmaceutical manufacturers and supply chain partners work. It will also create huge competitive advantages for those companies who will not just be compliant but go beyond the requirements because of advances in technology.

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